Threat Assessment

Identify and mitigate security risk to the business by accessing attack methods across the full kill chain.

How Safe Are You Against Known and Emerging Threats?

SafeBreach enables you to proactively report to executives on your risk posture and get a mitigation plan in place before attackers exploit the gaps. Learn more in this short video.

Establish Visibility Into the Constantly Evolving Threat Landscape

Get more details on the role that Breach and Attack Simulation can play in your threat intelligence strategy.

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A human pen tester can’t attack your entire system all the time, but attack simulations can be programmed to run continuously. SafeBreach helps us identify risks and issues before a breach actually occurs.

Jimmy Sanders

Head of Information Security, Netflix

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SafeBreach Threat Assessment Dashboard

Get the threat intelligence visibility and reporting you need from our flexible and customizable dashboards, or from our out-of-the-box Threat Assessment dashboard.

Global Breach and Attack Simulation Company of the Year

Read the report to learn why Frost & Sullivan selected SafeBreach as the 2021 Global Breach and Attack Simulation Company of the Year.

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