Mar 22, 2021

SafeBreach Labs Research Leader Named to Forbes Israel 30 Under 30

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 22, 2021 — SafeBreach, maker of the most widely used continuous security control validation platform in large and global scale enterprises, is honored to announce that Peleg Hadar, a senior security researcher at SafeBreach Labs, has been named to the prestigious Forbes Israel 30-under-30 list for 2021.

This recognition acknowledges Hadar’s innovative contributions to cybersecurity in the past few years. These innovations include the discovery of a number of Zero-Day vulnerabilities in widely-used Microsoft products and others that were featured in Forbes, Dark Reading, ThreatPost and other security-focused publications. In a widely hailed discovery in 2020, Hadar and his SafeBreach colleague, researcher Tomer Bar, revisited the Windows print spooler vulnerability used in the famed Stuxnet attack on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. Bar and Hadar discovered new ways to exploit weaknesses in the application design that allowed malicious actors to take admin control of Windows networks in ways that the original Stuxnet patch did not mitigate.

“I am honored to be named to such a select group of leaders by Forbes. I have been fortunate to enjoy tremendous research freedom at SafeBreach Labs and this has allowed me to pursue my passion for identifying new and critical vulnerabilities to make the world more secure,” says Hadar.

A widely respected researcher, Hadar cut his teeth in the Israel Defense Forces cybersecurity units that have produced many noted security researchers and cybersecurity founders. He has collaborated closely with Microsoft and many other software vendors to help them remediate weaknesses and reshape the way they think about cybersecurity. Hadar has presented his findings at the Black Hat, DEFCON, iSecCon and SecTor conferences, among the world’s leading cybersecurity research conferences.

Hadar is a member of the elite white-hat hacker team at SafeBreach Labs. A subsidiary of SafeBreach, this team works with the global cybersecurity community to explore novel attack types. SafeBreach Labs also suggests specific and systemic ways to shore up global cybersecurity by illuminating weaknesses in widely used software and networking products. SafeBreach Labs has identified dozens of critical vulnerabilities in the past five years.

“Our company goal is to radically improve global cybersecurity,” says SafeBreach CTO Itzik Kotler. “Peleg and the team at SafeBreach Labs play a crucial part in that quest by keeping our products on the cutting edge of security and ensuring that they always push the envelope in adversarial simulation and continuous security control validation.”

SafeBreach Labs contributes frequently to the industry-standard MITRE knowledge base . Running millions of security control validations and attacks each month, SafeBreach counts numerous Fortune 100 companies among its customers, including global Top 5 enterprises in healthcare, financial services, food manufacturing, networking equipment, and other technology categories.

About SafeBreach

A pioneer in the Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) market, SafeBreach is the world’s most widely used continuous security validation platform. The patented platform automatically and safely executes thousands of attack methods to validate network, endpoint, cloud, container, and email security controls against its Hacker’s Playbook™, the world’s largest collection of attack data broken down by methods, tactics and threat actors. Founded in 2014 by experienced CISOs, hackers, and security entrepreneurs, SafeBreach makes it possible for security teams to invest wisely, protect more and mitigate risk.

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