Weekly Webinar – SafeBreach Attack Series

Modern enterprise security is increasing in complexity, with many organizations deploying nearly 75 cybersecurity-related tools on average in their networks. Despite these security investments, global cyberattacks have only continued to increase year over year. Security controls drift over time and create security gaps that attackers can easily discover and exploit. Security teams need a platform that can provide a holistic view of their security posture with the ability to easily integrate improvements into their existing ecosystems to minimize the business risk posed by evolving threats. The SafeBreach continuous security validation platform, powered by breach and attack simulation (BAS), can help. 

Join us for our NEW attack series demo webinar each week at 9 am PT | 12 pm ET.  In this series, SafeBreach experts will succinctly demonstrate how the SafeBreach platform can help security teams: 

  • Optimize security investments to face tomorrow’s threats
  • Take threat intelligence to the next level
  • Test cloud-native environments against advanced threats
  • Identify and prioritize exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Safeguard investments and minimize liabilities

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March 22 – Simplifying Web Application Security

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