Threat Assessment

Test Against the Latest Threats

How Safe Are You Against Known and Emerging Threats?

The threat landscape constantly evolves and changes, forcing your team to shift focus in its search for security gaps. Proactively report to executives on your risk posture and get a mitigation plan in place before attackers exploit the gaps.

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  • Threat Intelligence Integration

    SafeBreach integration with Threat Intelligence platforms enables synergy between siloed security solutions and teams to reveal your actual risk.

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  • 93. Risk

    SLA on US-CERT Alerts

    SafeBreach Labs upholds a 24-hour SLA on US-Cert Alerts to ensure our customers are assessing their security posture against the latest threats.

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  • 6. White HAcker

    Hacker’s Perspective

    Gain a hacker’s perspective of how many attacks can infiltrate, exploit hosts, move laterally to your crown jewels and exfiltrate your IP or hold your organization for ransom.

  • Heat Map

    MITRE ATT&CK Framework

    Quickly see the effectiveness of your security controls from executing thousands of attacks safely across your enterprise and automatically mapping the results to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

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When there are breaches in the news, senior leadership wants to know if the same type of attack can expose our company. With SafeBreach, we can automatically execute attacks based on the specifics of the reported attack and determine if we’re exposed to the same risk.

CISO, Large Pharmaceutical Enterprise

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