Validate Finance: Virtual Edition

Cyberattacks on financial services institutions (FSIs) have been steadily increasing. According to a recent Boston Consulting Group report, FSI’s are 300 times more likely to be targeted by cyber attacks, and the costs of those attacks are higher than other sectors. Adversaries are taking advantage of digital transformation and pose a great threat to the global financial system, financial stability, and confidence in the integrity of the financial industry. 

With the move to the cloud, increasing customer demand, and the rise of new products and services of all sizes, security teams must be able to access a wide variety of digital resources quickly and efficiently. As risk is tied to revenue, security teamsenterprises need proactive security practices that provide the same speed, continuity, and scalability as the enterprises organizations they are working to protect. Since external attacks are now accepted as an inevitable reality, how an organization sufficiently tests, validates, and optimizes its security stack is key.  

Through case studies, roundtable discussions, and hands on-demonstrations by SafeBreach clients and industry thought leaders, this program is designed to help equip security professionals in the financial services industry with the tools, techniques, and foundational principles required to test the efficacy of your security and gain the most value from breach and attack simulation (BAS). 

Sessions will touch on areas such as:

  • The increasing attack surface for FSI’s
  • The impact of digital transformation and innovation
  • Efficiently addressing regulatory agency requirements
  • The limitations of security testing 
  • New methods to communicate risk across the organization

What: Validate Finance: Virtual Edition
When: Thursday, December 8 from 11 am – 3 pm ET
Where: Virtual

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