A Holistic View of Your Business Risk

Harness the power of automated, continuous security validation with our industry-pioneering breach and attack simulation (BAS) solution.

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Configure Wisely



Protection-Coverage Improvement

Protect More



Attack-Surface Reduction

Risk Less



Risk-Posture Reduction

Attack with Purpose

Continuously test the efficacy of your existing security controls with 25,000+ attack methods from our Hacker’s Playbook™. New threats are added to the platform within 24 hours—guaranteed.

Analyze with Real-Time Data

Aggregate and visualize security-control performance data to quickly understand what your attack surface looks like, which network segments are most vulnerable, and what threat groups present the highest risk.

Remediate with Intention

Leverage actionable insights about the root cause of successful breach simulations to quickly identify gaps, easily collaborate to speed remediation, and efficiently reduce the attack surface.

Report with Confidence

Paint a clear picture of security posture with customizable dashboards and reports, making it easy for stakeholders to quickly evaluate risks, inform resourcing decisions, and enhance strategic alignment.