Optimize Your Cloud Security Posture

Address the unique challenges of securing dynamic cloud and container environments head-on. Execute attacks across the entire cloud stack to identify critical gaps, ensure secure development of cloud-based applications, and maximize the security of your cloud-based assets.

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Is Your Cloud Provider Offering Adequate Measures to Secure Your Environment?

As more areas of the business move to the cloud, organizations are exposed to new security challenges that increase exposure and risk. See how SafeBreach can help you test your cloud control and data planes to ensure the security of your cloud operations.

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Test Cloud-Native Environments Against Advanced Threats

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Learn About the Benefits of SafeBreach for Cloud Security Assesment

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Learn About the Benefits of SafeBreach for Cloud Security Assesment

Simulate Advanced, Multi-Phase Threats

Utilize the SafeBreach platform to automate the execution of multi-stage attacks across the entire cloud stack, including end-user devices, networks, cloud services, and applications. Employ known indicators of compromise and threat-actor-behavioral techniques to replicate attempts to access metadata, extract configuration information, exfiltrate data, and execute server-side request forgery. Extend attack simulations to container-based infrastructures running Docker to test the data plane, network, and API against a range of tactics, including process injection, rogue applications, system changes, and lateral movement from container to container.

Analyze and visualize test results to drill down into detailed test-result data, quickly identify and prioritize security gaps, and use remediation insights to facilitate and automate resolution. Leverage intuitive, customizable dashboards to communicate security status and risk level to key stakeholders. Additionally, DevOps teams can leverage contextual insights from simulated attacks in order to continuously assess the security and integrity of web applications at each stage of development, allowing them to identify and address vulnerabilities before releasing an application into production.

Enabling Security Teams Switch from Defense to Offense

“We use SafeBreach inside Paypal to gain a continuous, measurable and complete view of our Cloud security posture. It helps keep PayPal safe every day as a key part of our continuous testing and assurance program.”

-Brian Johnson, PayPal