A Fully Managed BAS Solution

Leverage a fully managed software solution that combines platform licenses with on-going strategy and full support from our elite team of breach and attack simulation (BAS) experts to help you build a powerful security validation program.

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The Benefits of SafeBreach Plus Bonus Support

Trusted Partner

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations implement BAS as part of their overall security strategy. Through these engagements, we’ve developed an in-depth understanding of common hurdles, key considerations, and best practices we’ll use to guide your success.

Accelerated Time to Value

Our expert implementation team will reduce the time and effort it takes to deploy the SafeBreach platform and integrate it with your technology stack. You’ll see actionable insights that provide real business value within weeks.

Minimized Operational Overhead

With SafeBreach-as-a-Service, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of BAS without dedicating resources to implement, manage, or maintain it. Instead, your team can focus on strategy, remediation, mitigation, and standards creation.

Roadmap for Future Growth

Integrating the SafeBreach platform with your technology stack is just the first step. Our security experts will continue to work side-by-side with your team to establish goals and next-steps to continuously enhance and mature your security strategy.

Enhance your security team’s potential with SafeBreach-as-a-Service.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager & Solutions Architect

SafeBreach experts will act as an extension of your team to build and implement a custom solution that fits your security strategy.

No one knows our platform better than us. We’ll get you up and running fast, so you can start seeing value even faster.

We know every organization is unique, so we’ll help build custom attack plans, dashboards, and reporting to meet your needs.

We’ll provide continuous platform management, regular assessments, and remediation recommendations as new risks occur.