Challenge your security before attackers do.

Continuously validate all layers of your security with breach and attack simulation (BAS) powered by threat intelligence.

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New coverage alert for US-CERT Alert (AA23-144A) – Volt Typhoon

Read the latest blog to understand how SafeBreach customers can validate their security controls against these TTPs and IOCs in multiple ways.

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Unleash the power of your security controls to drive down risk.

Attack with Purpose

Execute real-world attacks safely and continuously to identify what your security controls will prevent, detect, or miss.

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Gain a quantitative view of your security posture by visualizing security-control performance data that’s not available anywhere else.

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Review actionable data to quickly identify gaps, expedite remediation, and efficiently reduce risk.

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Communicate to key stakeholders with clear insights to quantify risk, prioritize investments, and ensure strategic alignment.

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Gain visibility across the entire cyber kill chain.


Credential Abuse

Cloud Attacks

Data Exfiltration

Security Posture

Defend your cyber investment like you defend your business.

Maximize the Impact of Security Controls

Proactively Identify & Prioritize Threats

Improve Your Cloud Security Posture

Understand & Address Vulnerabilities

Case Study | Services

The Husch Blackwell law firm implemented SafeBreach to execute safe, automated attack scenarios to continuously validate the efficacy of security controls for endpoint devices.

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Case Study | Healthcare

A Fortune 500 healthcare organization leveraged SafeBreach to establish a stronger, more defensive posture with a proactive approach to critical threats that ensured their defenses would evolve.

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Webinar | Technology

To address the unique challenges of securing dynamic cloud and container environments, SafeBreach teamed up with Andras Cser, Forrester Vice President & Principal Analyst, to share ways security leaders can proactively assess and optimize cloud-security posture.

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Webinar | Technology

Netflix implemented SafeBreach to safeguard access for over 125 million members by identifying truly critical vulnerabilities, so every patch drives down risk without wasting internal resources.

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Efficiently manage complex ecosystems.

The SafeBreach platform works seamlessly with your security controls and business systems, including SIEM, SOAR, workflow management, and vulnerability management tools.

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