Feb 28, 2024

10 Years of SafeBreach: Our Journey as the Pioneers in BAS

Join us as we reflect on the professional milestones and personal memories from our decade-long journey in the breach and attack simulation industry. 

We all know cybersecurity is a team sport—one that is enhanced and optimized by the collective knowledge of a committed community. In 2014, Guy Bejerano and Itzik Kotler set out with a lofty goal to make a significant contribution to that community—not only by developing a powerful breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform designed to help organizations take a more proactive approach to security, but also by building a world-renowned team of security experts and thought leaders who were passionate about improving security on a global level. 

Thanks to their vision—and the unwavering support of our employees, customers, and partners—SafeBreach has the honor of celebrating its 10-year anniversary this month. As we reflect on this journey, it is clear that so many individuals have played a significant role in the collective successes we’ve been able to achieve. We hope you’ll follow along this month as we highlight some of the personal and professional milestones, memories, and accomplishments that have been a part of SafeBreach’s decade-long journey as the pioneer in the BAS industry.  

Company Milestones & Achievements

From opening our doors in 2014 to making our 15th BlackHat appearance in 2024, the last 10 years have seen some exciting milestones and accomplishments for the SafeBreach team. Check out highlights from our journey below. 

Ten Years of SafeBreach

Employee’s Fondest Memories & Proudest Moments

Our employees have been the cornerstone of our success. Our global team is made up of amazing individuals who bring their unique talents and experience to work each day, and we are honored to be on this journey with them. Read on to hear some of their fondest memories and proudest moments from their time at SafeBreach.


“My most celebrated memories, by far, are the strong bonds and connections I have formed with so many of our SafeBreachers.”

Fallon Martin – Senior Director of People 


“My favorite memory is the day we went to volunteer at an onion farm in Israel. I enjoyed the fact that we were all working together in the soil planting onions—it was nice to see that with our teamwork and collaboration we were able to do something good for the country during a hard time.”

Tal Idelson – Automation Developer


“One of my proudest memories is helping to build an entire marketing team from scratch and building amazing relationships with every single person in the team. Also, having an amazing time with the entire marketing team at the 2021 offsite in California—wine tasting and getting to know the entire new group of people in person.”

Kaustubh (KJ) Jagtap – Director, Product Marketing 


“One of my favorite memories is definitely Halftime Huddle in Dallas! Having the opportunity to meet everyone in person for the first time was amazing—we really have a wonderful group of people and we should be all proud of that!”

Vincenzo Fasulo – Talent Lead


“I enjoy the amazing laughs whenever I get to meet the team in person—especially the NYC lunch last year after an onsite with a customer.”

Harp Bhogal – Manager, Global CSM


“I remember my first sales kickoff in May 2022. I could feel the energy, helpfulness, and dedication of so many—that’s something we’ve worked hard to maintain. I also love the chemistry that our sales team has.”

Robert Freeman – WW VP Sales


“I am so proud of helping to launch our first Validate Summit in 2022. This was the start of what has since become such an amazing program that brings together the cybersecurity community and I am so proud to have played a part in building this!”

Jackie Hooper – Head of Regional Marketing


“I have enjoyed our in-person customer meetings over the years. I am fortunate to be able to meet customers at their offices or at events and each one of them has been very special.”

Raman Kumar – CCO


“Some of my fondest memories include meeting the team in person for the first time in Sunnyvale in November 2021, having our sales kickoff dinner at Levi Stadium in 2022, and being recognized with an award at our Halftime Huddle in 2023.”

Nancy Corral – Sales Operations Manager


“One of my favorite memories was the team celebration in Mountain View to celebrate our last round of funding.”

James Traxel – Regional Sales Director


“My two favorite memories from my time at SafeBreach are when our team volunteered to plant onions in Israel and barbecuing at the old office.”

Mira Smus – People Manager


“I remember getting to meet the US team at BlackHat in 2017 two days after starting in my role—seeing Itzik and Amit present some amazing research and then flying out a couple of weeks later to meet the rest of the team in Tel Aviv. It was just an awesome experience that allowed me to form strong bonds and friendships that have persisted over time.”

Francisco Najera – Principal Sales Engineer


Check back soon as we continue to celebrate our journey over the last 10 years, including reflections from our co-founders, Guy Bejerano and Itzik Kotler.

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