SafeBreach Keeps Carlsberg Brewing with Continuous Security Validation

Carlsberg relies on SafeBreach’s breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform to ensure continuous security validation for uninterrupted brewing operations.

Challenge: With a vast and complex infrastructure spanning 150 countries, Carlsberg faces the challenge of protecting its production lines from evolving cyber threats. To adequately protect this manufacturing giant, Carlsberg’s security team needed to move beyond the limited and point-in-time insights of typical security validation tools like penetration testing, red teaming, and vulnerability scanners.

Solution: Carlsberg deployed the SafeBreach BAS platform to continuously and accurately replicate real-world attack scenarios against its large and complex security infrastructure.

Results: With SafeBreach, Carlsberg achieved:

  • Continuous validation of security control efficacy and overall security posture
  • The discovery of entirely new attack angles they hadn’t previously considered
  • Greater visibility into previously undetected gaps and vulnerabilities in their environment
  • The ability to test and compare prospective security solutions
  • The potential for a more secure and streamlined mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process in the future