Don’t Play Chicken With Cybersecurity Threats

When it comes to your security posture, there’s no room to play around. It’s time to hack yourself to see how your security controls are really performing.

SafeBreach’s enterprise-ready breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform continuously simulates real attack scenarios to test the efficacy and resilience of your security ecosystem. You’ll get the upper hand against threats by:

  1. Continuously testing the efficacy of your security controls with 30,000+ real-world attack methods from our patented Hacker’s Playbook™. Our renowned research team adds new content to the platform within 24 hours of a US-CERT or FBI Flash alert, allowing you to proactively test against the latest emerging threats.
  2. Understanding exposure broken down by category, including the MITRE ATT&CK® framework, known attacks, and threat groups, so your team can understand the efficacy of existing systems at a glance, inform resourcing decisions, and enhance strategic alignment.
  3. Accelerating remediation with actionable insights about the root cause of successful breach simulations to identify and visualize gaps, collaborate to speed remediation, and efficiently reduce the attack surface.
  4. Monitoring risk using intuitive dashboards and reports to help key stakeholders quickly understand existing gaps, evaluate risks, and recognize security drift.

Don’t let threats ruffle your feathers; see how SafeBreach can help you put your existing security tools to the test to understand how secure you really are. Schedule your personalized demo today.

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