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Improvement in protection coverage

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Reduction in attack surface

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Reduction in risk posture

Attack with Purpose

Leveraging our patented Hacker’s Playbook™ with its more than 24,000 attack methods, the SafeBreach platform enables you to replicate a hacker’s mindset, so you can continuously test the efficacy of your existing security controls against advanced attacks. When new threats arise, our research team adds them to the platform within 24 hours—guaranteed. You can rest easy knowing you’re proactively testing for vulnerabilities against the most up-to-date threats in the market.

Analyze with Real-Time Data

Access powerful insight into the status of your organization’s security posture by aggregating and visualizing security-control performance data that’s not available anywhere else. Quickly understand what your attack surface looks like, which network segments are most vulnerable, and what threat groups present the highest risk to your business—at a glance and all in one place. Then contextualize that data to understand organizational exposure, the impact of threats across the entire kill-chain, and mitigation options.

Remediate with Intention

The SafeBreach platform provides actionable insights about the root cause of successful breach simulations, so your security and infrastructure teams can quickly identify gaps, easily collaborate to speed remediation, and efficiently reduce the attack surface. Additionally, SafeBreach integrates with a variety of security platforms and systems to provide the context your security team needs to prioritize vulnerabilities and allocate resources.

Report with Confidence

Enhance stakeholder visibility with customizable dashboards. SafeBreach Flexible Dashboards provide customizable visualizations to help key stakeholders quickly understand existing gaps, evaluate risks, and recognize security drift. SafeBreach Reports provide an overview of the overall organizational posture broken down by different categories, including the MITRE ATT&CK framework, known attacks, and threat groups, so teams can understand the efficacy of existing systems at a glance, inform resourcing decisions, and enhance strategic alignment.