SafeBreach Quarterly Product Roadmap Briefing

Date: April 3, 2024
Time: 8 am PT | 11 am ET
Duration: 60 Minutes

Join us on Wednesday, April 3 at 8 am PT | 11 am ET for our Quarterly Product Roadmap & Research Briefing.

During this interactive session, VP of Product Management, Koby Bar, and VP of Threat Research, Tomer Bar, will showcase key themes and areas of focus for the SafeBreach platform and its content in the coming months. He will also showcase specific features that can help you do more with less by highlighting priority security issues and supporting their speedy and effective remediation. You will also learn about:

  • Recently released product features
  • SafeBreach’s strategic vision and focus in the months ahead
  • How we’re ensuring our roadmap aligns with your business goals and objectives

As always, we’ll reserve time for your questions and feedback as well. We look forward to seeing you there!

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