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See how your security controls stack up against the latest ransomware threats with a no-cost RansomwareRx assessment. You’ll gain unparalleled visibility into how your security ecosystem responds at each stage of the defense process with an assessment that includes:

  • Training. Understand ransomware, malware, and persistent threats methodologies.
  • Assessment. Review goals and ensure simulation connection to our management console and all configurations are complete.
  • Attack scenario. Run safe-by-design, real-world ransomware attacks across the cyber kill chain on a single device of your choice.
  • Report. Receive a custom report that includes simulation results and actionable remediation insights.

“We use SafeBreach inside PayPal to gain a continuous, measurable, and complete view of our security posture. It helps keep PayPal safe every day as a key part of our continuous testing and assurance program.”

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