Gartner® Strategic Technology Trends for 2024

According to the Gartner® Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2024 report, “The proliferation of security assessment tools and an increasing attack surface have made prioritizing the most relevant remediation actions even more challenging. You need a clear view of the likeliness of an attack being successful. This goes beyond compliance-driven, infrequent and human-driven penetration testing engagement.”  

Going forward, expanding and automating cybersecurity validation (CyVal) approach via CTEM is key to a successful exposure management program. Gartner recommends embracing CyVal technologies (e.g., BAS or automated penetration testing) to augment your existing prioritization workflows and enhance cybersecurity readiness. The full report covers key strategies to protect your organization and get the most from your security investments in 2024, including: 

  • Being deliberate and stopping all uncontrolled experimentation with insufficient direction. Efforts must be deliberate with sound results for daily use. 
  • Protecting and preserving your investments by securing the benefits from past and future strategic technology decisions to make them durable. 
  • Protecting and preserving past and future investments by improving their security posture and focusing on exposures relevant to business outcomes. 
  • Being forward-looking and tailoring innovative developments with reuse in mind, while securing your rights (i.e., intellectual property and ownership of your creations).

Gartner, Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2024, Bart Willemsen, Gary Olliffe; 16 October 2023.

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