S&P Global Market Intelligence Discovery Report: The Impact of Continuous Security Validation

In a recent survey of 400 security practitioners commissioned by SafeBreach, S&P Global Market Intelligence found that security analysts have access to an average of 21-30 tools at any given time and use 11-20 of them regularly. This type of security tool overload can not only cause inefficiencies, but can even create dangerous entry points for attackers if those tools are not properly configured and maintained. 

As a result, continuous security validation (CSV) tools—like attack surface management and breach and attack simulation—have gained popularity as organizations seek out more efficient ways to test and validate their security posture. But there are a number of options on the market—each of which provides varying capabilities and results. 

In this new discovery report, S&P Global Market Intelligence sets out to examine various CSV solutions and the organizations using them. Download the complete report for the full analysis of the study’s key findings, including:

  • The biggest security challenges facing organizations today
  • The level of adoption and maturity of CSV tools 
  • The business outcomes organizations have achieved with CSV
  • Recommendations for organizations considering investment in CSV technologies

Download the Full Report