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Our research teams are dedicated to maintaining the SafeBreach platform at maximum potential. They achieve this by arming the platform with the industry-leading SafeBreach Hacker’s Playbook of attack methods, which our researchers work constantly to expand and strengthen. SafeBreach Labs externally monitors the hacker underground, sources intelligence feeds and collaborates with external security research teams. We are dedicated to providing the latest attack methods to our customers and we uphold a 24-hour SLA on adding attacks identified from US Cert Alerts.

SafeBreach Labs researchers continuously identify new attack methods - before hackers discover them - as part of our research and development effort to “simulate a hacker”. This research is shared with the security community at leading conferences such as Black Hat, RSA and DEFCON.

We also contribute techniques to MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

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US Cert Alerts

We uphold a 24-hour SLA on adding new attacks identified from US Cert Alerts.

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6. White HAcker

We are the only company in the category to have been awarded patents

  • U.S. Patent No. 9892260
  • U.S. Patent No. 9710653
  • U.S. Patent No. 9473522

Featured Researcher

Eran Segal

Security Researcher

Eran Segal

Eran Segal is a security researcher, having 7+ years of experience in cyber security research. He has a passion for various InfoSec topics such as Windows and Linux Internals, Reverse Engineering, Low-Level Programming, and Vulnerability Research.

Watch Eran's session at DEFCON 29

Featured Research

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    After Lightning Comes Thunder

    Cyber warfare has long become a common practice in the arsenal of governments, armies, and intelligence agencies around the world. Iran is no exception to this trend, with new discoveries made every year repeatedly attributed to the Islamic republic.

  • Files

    A Decade After StuxNet Printing is Still the Stairway to Heaven

    SafeBreach Labs’ researchers consider whether a StuxNet 2.0 is possible, and discover that trusted patches a decade old may provide only an illusion of security.

  • Blog

    Analyzing Patch Tuesday Dec 2020

    A deep dive into two of the 58 Microsoft vulnerability patches in this month’s release: CVE-2020-17140 Windows SMB Information Disclosure Vulnerability - and - CVE-2020-17092 - Windows Network Connections Service Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability

  • Blog

    Hacker's Playbook Updated for US-CERT SolarWinds

    SafeBreach Labs added 13 new methods to address a massive new Russian-origin exploit; perpetrators stole the digital certificate for SolarWinds Orion software, then deployed malware into US Government agencies and to companies globally.

  • Webinar

    HTTP Request Smuggling in 2020

    Invented in 2005, this technique is highly relevant today. We delve into and demystify attack variants that work against present-day web servers and HTTP proxy servers.

  • Blog

    The 3rd and probably final fix for the Printer spooler never-ending bug

    A decade after StuxNet, the Windows Print Spooler mechanism has yet more surprises. We explored two specific vulnerabilities that were recently patched - then had to be patched again.


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