Security Control Validation

Increase the effectiveness of your security controls

How Do You Know If Your Security Investments Are Working?

Organizations have 70 to 100 security tools, but little to no visibility into their effectiveness. The biggest reason that security controls fail is they are not correctly configured, or they drift over time. With SafeBreach, maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the security controls you have by seeing how they perform in orchestration during an attack. Then fix the gaps before attackers can find them.

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    Security Investment ROI - Hold Vendors Accountable

    Validate the security controls of your entire security stack to identify which solutions prevent, detect or completely miss attack techniques. Gain the power of holding your vendors accountable with insights into how they perform under attack.

  • Laptop

    Endpoint Control Validation

    Be certain that anti-virus, anti-malware, EDR/XDR controls are configured correctly to prevent and/or detect malicious activity on your endpoints. A SafeBreach remediation plan is your guide to get full effectiveness of your endpoint solutions.

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  • Firewall

    Network Control Validation

    Make sure your firewall, Next-Gen Firewall, segmentation, IPS/IDS, NBA and NTA controls are configured correctly to prevent and/or detect malicious activity in your network. Use your SafeBreach remediation plan to get maximum performance from your network solutions.

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  • Siem

    SIEM Control Validation

    Correlate attack results to distinguish the controls that detected or prevented attacks from those which failed. Map relevant events and rules for each attack to the compensating controls. SafeBreach generates a remediation plan to maximize security control effectiveness.

  • Tactical

    Remote Workforce

    SafeBreach platform extended to support Remote Workforce-aaS which is designed with key attack methods to quickly identify and remediate security gaps to safeguard the work activities and data of a remote workforce.

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  • Target

    Cyber Shooting Range - Software Evaluations

    It is a challenge to evaluate and verify how effectively new software defends your enterprise against adversaries. With SafeBreach you can quickly run thousands of attacks during the POV process to ensure you make the right investment.

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  • Mock Scenarios

    Mock Attack Scenarios - Incident Response Testing

    To keep Fortune 500 Biopharmaceutical company security staff at the top of their games, ongoing training was crucial. In the past, the team relied on verbal tabletop training exercises, which were suboptimal. With SafeBreach, the team is now able to operate highly realistic, hands-on mock training scenarios that help significantly improve staff skills and efficacy.

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  • Application Server

    Image Hardening Certification

    Execute attacks quickly to understand the efficacy of the newly hardened image on local, virtual or cloud infrastructure before rolling into production. Get a detailed remediation plan to ensure the image is production ready.

  • Tool Bloat

    Security Retooling - Identify Endpoint Tool Bloat

    Learn how the security team at one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world used SafeBreach to establish strong security control validation and to ensure they’re instituting the most effective safeguards while minimizing the cost, complexity, and risk of tool bloat.

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  • WEB

    Web Control Validation

    Determine whether your proxy and URL filtering controls are configured correctly to prevent and/or detect malicious activity. Use the detailed SafeBreach remediation plan to get the most out of your Web Gateway solution.

  • Crown Jewels

    DLP Control Validation

    Make certain your data loss prevention controls are correctly configured, so that data cannot be exfiltrated. Your detailed remediation plan from SafeBreach helps maximize the performance of your DLP solution.

  • Email

    Email Control Validation

    Ensure your email controls are configured correctly to identify indicators of compromise (IOCs) that are known to infiltration organizations. Get a detailed remediation plan to be sure your email gateway delivers all you need it to.

Having over 130 disparate security tools in play at once made it humanly impossible to be effective with all of them. With SafeBreach we were able to reduce risk dramatically, cutting infiltration success rates from 85% to just 12% across the entire attack surface.

Principal Security Engineer, Major Telco

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