Healthcare Organizations Realize the Value of Breach and Attack Simulation

Enterprise CISOs trust SafeBreach for BAS

Security breaches in the healthcare industry are on the rise. 34% of healthcare organizations were affected by ransomware globally just last year, costing an average of $4.6M per incident.

Reduce the likelihood your healthcare organization becomes a statistic with breach and attack simulation (BAS) from SafeBreach.

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The Only True Enterprise-Ready Platform

From out of the box scenarios to customization, we offer the speed, scale and stability to support you through business transformation. 

Redefining Actionable Intelligence

Our world-renowned research team actively ensures SafeBreach has coverage for relevant attacks. We’ve built the largest attack playbook, backed by a 24-hr SLA for adding newly identified attacks from US-CERT and critical alerts.

Fastest Time to Value

We are the only BAS company offering high touch support, training and services, allowing you to optimize your threat management program and get results 24x faster.

“Just because we have controls in place doesn’t mean they’re working, and our security posture is changing all the time. A mistaken configuration change in a VPN service could open up a new vulnerability at any time. That’s why it’s so vital to continuously validate our tools and overall security posture.”

– CISO, Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider

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Your Patient Data is Vulnerable

Get preventative care for your healthcare organization. Demystify your defense with breach and attack (BAS) simulation for healthcare cybersecurity programs from SafeBreach.

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