Webinar – Validating Security Controls in an Integrated IT/OT Environment

Having undertaken extensive digital transformation initiatives, many industrial enterprises now have deeply integrated IT/OT environments whose centralized security ownership falls under the CISO. As a result, security teams must address not only the vulnerabilities within the OT environment itself, but the ways in which adversaries compromise and traverse the IT network to gather information and gain access to OT control and safety systems.

Many security teams are increasingly using breach and attack simulation (BAS) technologies to gain visibility  and test security controls across the IT network, through the OT demilitarized zone (DMZ) and the critical OT operations control layer. A BAS platform continuously runs simulated attacks that help analysts quickly understand what the attack surface of the integrated IT/OT environment looks like, test its resilience against thousands of real-world attack methods, and validate the efficacy of security controls in real-time.

Join SafeBreach Security Evangelist Patrick Kennedy and Security Engineer Jay Bivens on Wednesday, May 24 at 12 pm ET/9 am PT as they provide key insights to help organizations face the new IT/OT reality, including:

  • Trends that are driving integration of IT and OT security 
  • A reference architecture to help security leaders better manage this converged environment
  • Use cases to demonstrate how BAS can help improve visibility in integrated IT/OT environments

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