Webinar – Why Healthcare Organizations Don’t Need Best-in-Class Security Tools to Protect Themselves

The healthcare industry repeatedly tops the charts with the largest number of publicly disclosed breaches, and over 50 million patent records were compromised in 2021 alone. 34% of healthcare organizations have been affected by ransomware globally and the average cost to remediate a healthcare ransomware incident is up to $4.6 million. While it’s clear security should be a high priority in the healthcare industry, looming economic uncertainty is forcing many organizations to reexamine their investments, including those in cybersecurity.

Join us on Thursday, February 2 at 12 pm ET/9 am PT as SafeBreach CISO Avishai Avivi dispels common misconceptions about healthcare cybersecurity and provides key insights to help organizations face this new reality, including:

  • Why you don’t need a best-in-class technology stack to withstand advanced cyber attacks
  • What key strategies and technologies can help you effectively evaluate your security investments
  • How you can make the most of the tools you already have in place

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