White Paper

How Breach and Attack Simulation Supports Continuous PCI Compliance

For any business managing cardholder data, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is a significant challenge. The nature of IT environments is dynamic, and drift from baseline policies, configurations, and compliance requirements is inevitable.

PCI Compliance Changes with Version 4.0

PCI DSS Version 4.0 is a substantial update from version 3.2.1. This version includes 60 new or revised requirements, most of which must be met by March 31, 2024. In this white paper, we help organizations understand how to quickly and continuously meet these requirements. We discuss:

  • The complex PCI requirements for security controls reaching across the IT environment, including how to address the new requirements in PCI DSS Version 4.0. 
  • The difference between “compliant” and “secure” and why it matters within the payment card industry.
  • How to achieve “continuous compliance,” and why it’s essential to do so. 
  • The unique advantages of using BAS to assist with PCI compliance. 
  • How the SafeBreach platform can help ensure your environment is continuously both compliant and secure.

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