Supercharging Vulnerability Prioritization: A Risk-Based Approach

The Challenge with Traditional Vulnerability Prioritization

VM tools help teams understand which systems need to be patched, but they cannot help with determining which patches will have the biggest impact on the organization’s security posture. Vulnerability patch prioritization is key to successful VM efforts. VM tools identify vulnerabilities but lack insights into real world threat exposure and, most importantly, lack the business-specific context needed to properly prioritize mitigation and remediation efforts.

Relying solely on VM tools, security teams lack the visibility needed to determine which network or system vulnerability can have the most impact on their security posture. For example, one vulnerability may be marked as “critical” but reside in an inaccessible location. That vulnerability shouldn’t be prioritized as high as another “critical” vulnerability that is readily accessible to an external adversary. Additionally, misconfigured security controls can allow adversaries to gain access to the business’ crown jewels.

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