Aug 19, 2021

Enhancing User Experience with SafeBreach Scenarios and Simplified Navigation

The SafeBreach platform is an incredibly versatile and powerful tool allowing security teams to validate organizational security controls and maximize their effectiveness against the ever-evolving threat landscape. It does so by continuously and safely executing attacks from its extensive Hacker’s Playbook™, allowing analysts to determine which security controls prevented, detected, or missed attacks. This provides them with realistic visibility into the organizational preparedness and allows them to monitor and maintain a hardened security posture.

The SafeBreach team is committed to continuously improving and enhancing the user experience by introducing features and capabilities that not only make the tool more powerful, but also easier to use. With that in mind, SafeBreach is excited to announce the launch of SafeBreach Scenarios – an easy way to find and execute attacks based on SafeBreach recommendations as well as the latest threats in the wild, the top threat groups, and the top MITRE ATT&CK techniques. SafeBreach Scenarios provides customers with baseline scenarios that allow them to identify initial gaps in their coverage and create a plan to improve their risk posture through continuous security control validation. Additionally, the home page sports a cleaner look with a simplified navigation menu for finding and accessing the platform capabilities needed to achieve your goals. Let’s look in more detail to learn more.

Introducing SafeBreach Scenarios

SafeBreach Scenarios provide templates for creating Plans that cover typical situations involving cyberattacks on organizations. Each SafeBreach Scenario covers a use case from the real world that is organized into a sequence of steps, mimicking the threat’s progression. This enables the organization to validate its protection against those threats more realistically. By providing pre-defined attack stories, SafeBreach makes it quicker and easier to leverage the various attack capabilities and understand which attack methods need to be tested. With a minimum number of clicks, you can benefit from maximum value based on the use case you want to run.

SafeBreach Scenarios enables security teams to easily find and execute attacks that help them reach the level of continuous visibility needed to achieve a hardened security posture. Additionally, SafeBreach Scenarios offers security teams a simple way to benchmark an organization’s current security preparedness against evolving threats. SafeBreach Scenarios are categorized in the following categories:

  • Recommended Scenarios – These are SafeBreach’s picks for the top scenarios to run from each listed category.
  • Security Controls – These scenarios allow teams to validate the coverage and efficiency of the security control categories in your environment by running attacks that are expected to be prevented by each control category.
  • Known Attack Series – These scenarios allow teams to test their defenses against attack campaigns and elements that have been released as warnings to the public by organizations such as CISA.
  • Threat Groups – These scenarios allow teams to test their security controls against attacks attributed to known threat groups, which are defined by sets of related intrusion activities and methodologies.
  • Baseline Scenarios – These scenarios provide a benchmark of expected security posture for various activity types within your environment.
  • MITRE ATT&CK – These scenarios allow teams to test themselves against real-world attacks listed in the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Watch the video below to see SafeBreach Scenarios in action:

Simplified Navigation Menu

The SafeBreach platform differentiates itself from other products in the market by providing benefits in four key categories. These categories allow security teams to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational security controls and optimize their security spend.

  1. Attack – Identify attacks relevant to your need and environment and test your defenses against them (continuously or on-demand)
  2. Analyze – Identify gaps and exposure by exploring, visualizing, and analyzing your current security posture.
  3. Remediate – Leverage data to proactively remediate security gaps and mitigate threats.
  4. Report– Create flexible, visual representations of your analysis to easily share and communicate details of your security posture

The SafeBreach platform navigation menu now sports an updated and simplified look. We have minimized the number of icons to allow for a more intuitive user experience. The various functionalities of the platform have now been classified according to the four benefit categories, for quicker access.


The SafeBreach platform is designed to enable continuous cybersecurity posture improvement by measuring, quantifying, and identifying risks through ongoing security control validation (SCV). The introduction of a simplified navigation menu and SafeBreach Scenarios allows users (old and new) to use the industry’s most versatile and powerful SCV platform to achieve a hardened security posture and minimize risk against the evolving threat landscape. SafeBreach continues to evolve the platform by adding new, relevant attack scenarios as well as new scenario categories to ensure our customers are protected against the evolving threat landscape.

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