Jul 26, 2022

Presenting the RansomwareRx No-Cost Assessment

Prepare your security team and see how your controls stack up with SafeBreach RansomwareRx—a free, customized, real-world attack scenario program.

2021 saw a 13% rise in ransomware—that’s more than the last five years combined. How have you prepared your security team and control ecosystem for the next ransomware attack? 

Introducing SafeBreach RansomwareRx, a free program that enables you to run a customized ransomware attack scenario based on the cyber kill chain and actual ransomware behavior—all at no cost to you and in under an hour of your time. RansomwareRx includes MITRE ATT&CK TTP behaviors of the most prolific ransomware gangs in the past 12 months and provides training for your team, a comprehensive report of your vulnerabilities, and actionable remediation insights.

A Complimentary Assessment Against a Costly Threat

RansomwareRx is the only assessment on the market that lets you run a complete, customized ransomware attack scenario at no cost to you. Empower your team to understand more about ransomware attacks, methodologies, and behaviors—all through the lens of the attacker. The RansomwareRx program includes:

In-Depth Training Understand the methodologies around ransomware attacks, persistent threats, and malware attacks based on the Unified Kill Chain model, how attacks are performed, and lessons learned.

Hands-On Assessment – SafeBreach experts will review your assessment goals and objectives and work with your team to ensure simulation connection to our management console and all configurations are complete.

Real-World Attacks – Using OSINT research to develop attack scenarios, TTPs, and correlating TTPs, we’ll generate customized attack plans just like an attacker would. Then we’ll run safe-by-design, real-world ransomware attacks across the cyber kill chain on a single Windows device of your choice.

Detailed Results – Once the simulations are complete, we’ll set up a second meeting to review simulation results in a custom-built report that includes:

  • Results of execution and details of each attack scenario
  • Security control performance at each layer of the ransomware attacks, mapping MITRE techniques and sub-techniques
  • Remediation insights and actionable guidance
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery recommendations

Don’t let your organization fall victim to the next ransomware attack. Request your no-cost RansomwareRx customized attack scenario today.

RansomwareRx Assessment

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