Mar 15, 2022

SafeBreach for Web Application Security

Unlock the full kill-chain through agentless web application security validation

Web applications are a favorite target of hackers. Using web application attacks like cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and vulnerability exploitation, hackers can infiltrate and breach networks to steal sensitive data or infect systems with damaging malware. Enterprises deploy web application firewalls (WAFs) to provide a layer of security that filters traffic and defends against malicious behavior and yet, web applications are the second-most-used infiltration method for cyber attacks.  

How can security teams optimize WAF and application controls to effectively protect against web attacks?

Unfortunately, traditional methods do not offer the speed and scale that today’s modern enterprises need. A few options that security teams generally leverage include:

  • External Vulnerability Scanning. This option provides only surface-level vulnerabilities based on scanning without any insight into the ability of an attacker to exploit them. The result is that the WAF is not tested at all, and vulnerability results are based on the application version/infrastructure, rather than the vulnerability of the entire setup. 
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing. This option provides a view of application vulnerabilities, but does not relate this view to the rest of the attacker kill chain, meaning it doesn’t provide the ability to prioritize issues that are impactful to the organization from a business perspective. The result is a long list of vulnerabilities and a limited ability to prioritize them.

A new way to test your web application security.

SafeBreach for Web Application Security provides the ability to ensure web applications are secure through agentless WAF validation. This platform module is fast and easy to deploy, providing:  

  • Full kill-chain validation
    View the web application security attack surface in the context of the full attacker kill-chain to understand how specific choke points impact the ability of an attacker to achieve their goals. 
  • The industry’s largest attack playbook updated for web application attacks
    SafeBreach’s Hacker’s Playbook™ offers the most diverse suite of web application attacks, including attacks to test for many of the OWASP® Foundation’s top ten security risks. 
  • A contextualized view of web application security posture
    Easily test your WAF controls with simulations of injection attacks, cross-site scripting attacks, cryptographic failures, insecure application design, remote exploitation of web application vulnerabilities, server-side request forgery, and more.
  • Fast and easy deployment
    SafeBreach’s web application security validation is an agentless testing capability that requires no prior installation and can be executed quickly. 
  • Actionable ROI reporting on your WAF
    Leverage customizable dashboards and reporting capabilities to understand the outcome of possible web application attacks, communicate their business impact, and quantify the ROI of WAF investments.

Interested to see if SafeBreach for Web Application Security is a fit for you? Visit our website, view a quick demo video, or connect with a SafeBreach cybersecurity expert to discuss your unique application needs. 

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