Feb 7, 2017

SafeBreach Partners with Visa Threat Intelligence

Payment industry data breaches were one of the earliest forms of cybercrime and persists today. It’s a lucrative business for cyber criminals, but for payment merchants and corporate users, the impact can be significant. According to the Nilson Report survey in 2016, fraud losses incurred by banks and merchants on all credit, debit, and prepaid payment cards issued worldwide reached \$16.31 billion last year.

Accurate and actionable cyber threat intelligence can make a great difference in blocking or preventing attacks. Threat intelligence feeds that are specific to an industry is even more invaluable, as indicators of compromise shared among a community of industry peers enable security teams to make more informed decisions about how to respond to a potential breach. The key is how to process and quickly take advantage of relevant threat intelligence to enable understanding of an attack, without spending hours sifting through reams of threat data.

Today, we’re very excited to announce our integration with Visa Threat Intelligence (VTI). VTI, designed specifically for the payment ecosystem, takes advantage of Visa’s global network to identify the latest fraud and attacks targeting their merchants and corporate end users.

Now, the SafeBreach platform can transform Visa Threat Intelligence Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) into actual breach methods to:

  • Proactively respond to the latest payment threats that are currently impacting industry peers
  • Operationalize IoCs and quantify risks without needing to build a team of analysts
  • Continually improve security posture by validating which security controls are working against up-to-date payment threats

Here’s an analogy.

Imagine that there’s been a recent increase of robberies in your neighborhood. With each instance of a house being broken into, the investigations determine that there are a specific set of techniques, tools, and procedures that are similar. In cybersecurity, these are known as Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). When combined with breach simulations, customers have the ability to determine how their current environment (‘home’) would be impacted against an adversary common to their business (‘neighborhood,) based on vertical, geographic region and other traits. The other key output that comes from running breach simulations enriched with threat intelligence is a definitive measure of how the organization’s security controls would perform against a very specific threat.

If you’re at RSA 2017 this year, please join SafeBreach and the Visa Threat Intelligence team at our booth #N2905 during the following times.

  • Tuesday 2/14 – 1-3 pm
  • Wednesday 2/15 – 10-12 pm

Experts from the Visa Threat Intelligence team will be there to answer questions on our integration.

For more information, download our solutions brief with Visa Threat Intelligence here.

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