Jul 26, 2016

SafeBreach Raises $15M Series A

The story of how SafeBreach was born is very similar to those of other founders—we created a product because none existed that met our needs. As a CISO, I needed a platform that would help me gain an understanding of my security posture, continually validate the efficacy of my security defenses, and ensure my teams were ready for a breach. At the same time, my partner-in-crime Itzik Kotler was looking for better ways to automate and optimize his red team engagements.

SafeBreach’s goal is to solve these problems and more for CISOs, security analysts and red team members.

Over the last 7 months since our official launch, the overwhelming response of customers, prospects and partners to our platform has been gratifying. Our customers have addressed multiple use cases with the SafeBreach platform:

  • identified security controls that were not working as expected
  • quantified the impact of breaches in the headlines (example: CryptoLocker) for board level discussions
  • discovered segmentation issues with PCI servers in production network
  • validating data privacy controls in global data centers

One of our CISO customers said this – “With SafeBreach, there’s more awareness and clarity about what the major risks are –beyond simply identifying foundational issues. SafeBreach also challenges the efficacy of my security defenses and my security assumptions; this is where SafeBreach’s real value comes into play.”

In the last couple of months, we have also been humbled and grateful to be recognized by multiple organizations for our leadership and innovation:

But our journey has only just begun.

As a result, I am very excited to announce that SafeBreach has just raised \$15M in Series A funding. The round includes new investors Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, Hewlett Packard Pathfinder (formerly Hewlett Packard Ventures) and Maverick Ventures, along with previous investors Sequoia Capital and Shlomo Kramer.

We had many alternatives for funding but elected to go with strong financial backers with strategic value-add that will help SafeBreach aggressively grow our market leadership. We’re determined to exceed the expectations of our customers and investors, and excited to continue our aggressive platform innovation.

I am thrilled about this milestone and the potential of helping more enterprises address their offensive security challenges, and in particular being able to address the challenges that I faced as a CISO.

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