Nov 22, 2022

Why I’m Thankful for SafeBreach

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, SafeBreach Technical Account Manager Jonathan Tillman looks back gratefully on his one-year anniversary as a SafeBreacher.

You know that feeling when you find something cool and want to share it?

After reflecting on a full year of working at SafeBreach, I had a realization: I still have that feeling when I show the SafeBreach platform to customers.

It is a wonderful thing. I work directly with customers using the platform in real-world enterprise environments. I see them discovering that a control is not providing as much protection as it should. I see customers relieved to find a control is performing well. Continuous security validation allows them to stop worrying about what is working and focus on remediating tools that are not. Helping our customers focus their efforts and measure their success is an exciting thing to be a part of every day.

I also have a front-row seat to challenges presented by the complex and unpredictable nature of large-scale enterprise environments. I am often part of the efforts to overcome these challenges. Everyone from every SafeBreach team has repeatedly shown a desire and a passion for overcoming the challenges and for meeting the needs of the customer. That customer-obsessed collaboration speeds up the evolution of the platform. It makes it stronger and more functional. I am continually impressed with the ability of SafeBreach to overcome challenges and find a better way.

SafeBreach has all the ingredients for large-scale success. We have a combination of strengths that is incredibly difficult to achieve. The platform is the best. The product and dev teams are brilliant and passionate. The research team is absolutely world-class. The marketing team is always on point with the best events, getting the message out, and the best content. 

The sales and sales engineering teams have a commitment to excellence that is breaking through barriers. They showcase the value and importance of validating the hard work enterprise security teams are doing. They are getting new technology into the budgets of enterprise customers. The customer success team is, without a doubt, the absolute best I have ever worked with. The finance team makes sure we get the most out of our resources by allocating them efficiently and ensuring they are used wisely. Our senior leadership team has the vision and experience to find the right path and the dedication to making the big decisions that keep the company on the right path. The HR team finds the best people. The people at SafeBreach that we love to work with. The people that challenge us. The people that teach us and help us reach the next level. The people that make all of this possible.

I would like to say the biggest THANK YOU to every single fellow SafeBreacher for working together to make all of this possible. I am so grateful to be a part of it. The future is very bright. I look forward to another amazing year with SafeBreach and all of the adventures it will bring!

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