Jul 31, 2019

We Are Launching SafeBreach GRID To Deliver The Four Key Requirements of BAS

I wrote my last post about the four challenges facing information security teams and covered the four critical capabilities that your breach and attack simulation (BAS) solution should cover. We had precisely those four things in mind when we built SafeBreach GRID, which we announced today.

SafeBreach GRID is the industry’s only breach and attack simulation application that uses correlative analytics to identify security gaps and links them to their potential business impact. Unlike most systems which only analyze at the level of individual attacks, GRID correlates data from a large number of simulations to generate a priority-based set of recommendations. This helps security teams prioritize which gaps to address, and provides precise recommendations with actionable, downloadable data on how to improve third-party security product configurations to minimize the potential business impact of a breach.

This prioritization and remediation is critical for increasingly understaffed security teams searching for ways to do more with the same or less resources – even as they face a rapidly growing array of threats.

GRID operates as an extension of SafeBreach’s market leading BAS product and enjoys all the same benefits, such as seamless integration with thousands of security systems and controls. Naturally, GRID’s remediation engine is powered by SafeBreach’s “Hacker’s Playbook,” the largest collection of programmatically accessible exploits in the world with over 7,000 breach methods. GRID is the culmination of many hours of work by our security research and product development teams and we sincerely believe that it proves to be a game changer for security teams looking to stay ahead of the curve – and ahead of the bad guys.

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