Oct 28, 2022

How SafeBreach & Zscaler Internet Access Optimize Hybrid, Multicloud Security Posture

The SafeBreach and Zscaler Internet Access integration enables security teams to proactively test their defenses to prevent network and cloud attacks.

Security operations teams are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a hardened posture against evolving network and cloud threats. Threat actors continually adapt their methods to evade traditional perimeter security solutions, and the rapid adoption of cloud platforms and SaaS tools has dramatically expanded the attack surface. One small control misconfiguration can create a security gap that attackers can easily exploit.

How SafeBreach & Zscaler Combat These Challenges—Together!

The SafeBreach and Zscaler Internet Access™ (ZIA) integration empowers security teams to proactively test their defenses to prevent network and cloud attacks that use malicious domains, URLs, connections with malicious servers, and blacklisted IP addresses. The offering combines continuous security validation—powered by the SafeBreach breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform—with ZIA, a comprehensive suite of AI-powered security and data protection services designed to stop cyberattacks and data loss.

SafeBreach safely executes various web attacks that trigger ZIA’s detection and prevention capabilities to validate that potential attacks are visible and appropriate alerts are configured. ZIA security events and alerts are forwarded to a SIEM and continuously fetched and correlated by SafeBreach to provide visibility per simulated attack. This allows SafeBreach to accurately determine if ZIA was able to detect or prevent network/cloud threats or if the threat was missed. This additional context (including results of simulated attacks and associated remediation information) is available to security analysts via SafeBreach Insights to appropriately update ZIA to detect and prevent such attacks in the future.

Supported Use Cases

  • Use Case – Validate Internet & Cloud-Access Configurations & Policies
    • Solution – SafeBreach validates the security posture by executing attacks from known threat groups, safely and continuously, to bring visibility into which network and cloud controls prevented an attack and which attacks sailed past them. The integration with Zscaler tests advanced attacks against ZIA to validate which threats and associated IOCs were blocked. In the case of any IOCs and threats being missed, SafeBreach Insights provides security teams with raw IOC data that can be used to optimize Zscaler threat detection.
  • Use Case – Improve Efficacy of Security Operations Against Network & Cloud Threats
    • Solution – SafeBreach continually validates ZIA to ensure its efficacy against evolving cloud and network threats. Insights from this validation can be correlated with corresponding SIEM alerts/events to ensure accurate tracking in your SIEM, thereby measuring the efficacy of your Zscaler security control. SafeBreach Insights also provide security teams with the necessary contextual data required to build new alerts for previously missed network/cloud threats, thereby improving the detection accuracy of ZIA while reducing the mean time to detect and respond.

Together SafeBreach & Zscaler Internet Access:

  • Provide unparalleled visibility into network and cloud readiness and enterprise security posture
  • Enable continuous improvement of alerting accuracy and prevent drift in detection rules
  • Optimize prevention and detection abilities of ZIA against advanced cloud and network threats
  • Automatically correlate simulation results and SIEM event logs to simplify and expedite threat investigation, analysis, and remediation

Interested in Learning More?

Zscaler Principal Product Specialist Kenneth Sigafoose and SafeBreach Chief Product Officer Yotam Ben Ezra recently hosted a joint webinar highlighting some of the common challenges faced by enterprise security teams when tasked with optimizing their hybrid, multicloud security posture. They presented an in-depth overview of how the SafeBreach and Zscaler integration can help alleviate these challenges. Check out the on-demand webinar below.

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