Is it time to upgrade your breach and attack simulation program?

Security validation solutions are supposed to
simplify security, yet many:

  • Do not provide extensive attack content or in a timely manner
  • Lack real automation to continuously validate your controls
  • Are difficult to deploy and do not offer the support needed to build a true BAS program
  • Aren’t built to scale with your business

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to look at SafeBreach

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SafeBreach is better

SLA Guarantee



Newly identified attacks are added to the Hacker’s Playbook™ within 24 hours.

Accelerated Time to Value



Execute and remediate faster with SafeBreach support services.

Solution Optimization



Customize attacks and streamline reporting with help from SafeBreach experts.

Why organizations switch to safeBreach

Automated Sequencing

Quit manually sequencing attack paths. Continuous security validation with the SafeBreach platform uncovers all possible attack paths—those you’ve thought of and those you haven’t.

Built-in Remediation Insights

Share remediation data directly with security controls, workflow tools, SIEMs, or orchestration tools to begin remedial action. The platform also helps prioritize insights, so you can focus on fixing gaps with the highest business risk.

Attack Customization

Leverage off-the-shelf threat intelligence integrations with industry-leading providers you trust. Easily replicate relevant TTPs and IOCs by customizing attacks from SafeBreach Studio or create personalized attacks from scratch.

Cloud Validation Capabilities

Extensive support for both AWS and Azure infrastructure means you’re not tied to a specific cloud vendor. Execute AWS- and Azure-based security control attacks, container attacks, cloud application validation, and more.

Industry-Leading 24-Hour SLA

The SafeBreach Hacker’s Playbook has over 25,000 attack methods and offers the industry’s only 24-hour SLA on new US-CERT alerts. So, you can always feel confident in your coverage.

Scalable Architecture

Whether you need an on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud model, deployment is fast and foolproof. Our unified agent lets you run attacks across multiple controls from a single entity, creating a manageable architecture footprint that easily grows with you.

“Our number one problem is the speed with which we are able to obtain content (from our current vendor) particularly for zero days. SafeBreach is one of the few BAS vendors to maintain a dedicated threat research team, and the only BAS vendor to maintain a 24-hour service-level agreement on adding new attacks based on critical US-CERT and FBI Flash alerts. ”

– Vice President, Information Security

Top-5 US Bank

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