May 30, 2018

SafeBreach Awarded First Patents in Breach and Attack Simulation Market

SUNNYVALE, CA – May 30, 2018. SafeBreach, the leader in Breach and Attack Simulation, today announced that the company has become the first in the Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) sector to be granted patents for unique innovations in its approach. The three patents validate the uniqueness of SafeBreach’s market leading capabilities through multiple simulation phases—assessment accessibility and utility, high fidelity targeting and detection and actionable output for remediation. In total, the patented inventions are core to empowering customers to comprehensively and continuously assess and improve their security posture.

The three patents describe systems and methods for “creating and executing breach scenarios,” “verifying malicious actions” and “securing a computer system against malicious actions,” utilizing virtualized elements.

“Intelligence, be it offensive or defensive, is only as good as its ability to be understood, acted upon and trusted in making decisions,” said SafeBreach Co-founder and CTO Itzik Kotler. “SafeBreach pioneered the way for enterprises to not only automatically and continuously test their security, but measurably improve it. Customers and the market have recognized our innovative solutions and these patents further solidify our market leadership.”

SafeBreach provides security teams the ability to safely validate their security controls against thousands of real world attacks. Unlike penetration testing or red team engagements, SafeBreach validates security controls continuously using more than 3,400 comprehensive hacker breach methods without risking or interfering with user, data or system activity. Security teams can discover and mitigate security gaps across their network, in the cloud or on their endpoints. SafeBreach correlates and analyzes the results of each breach scenario, provides visualization and detailed kill-chain analysis and recommends proactive remediation steps to improve the security posture of the environment.

The specifics on the new patents, include:

  • System and Method for Creating and Executing Breach Scenarios Utilizing Virtualized Elements (U.S. Patent No. 9892260) – The patent describes the format, process and user experience for designing, mapping and applying breach and attack scenarios to specific environments.

  • System and Method for Verifying Malicious Actions by Utilizing Virtualized Elements (U.S. Patent No. 9710653) – The patent describes parsing, targeting and coordination of breach scenario elements to ensure end-to-end integrity and fidelity in the simulation to avoid false positives.

  • System and Method for Securing a Computer System Against Malicious Actions by Utilizing Virtualized Elements (U.S. Patent No. 9473522) – The patent describes the method by which SafeBreach consumes, learns from and provides remediation feedback based on simulation results.

About SafeBreach

A pioneer in the Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) market, SafeBreach is the world’s most widely used continuous security validation platform. The patented platform automatically and safely executes thousands of attack methods to validate network, endpoint, cloud, container, and email security controls against its Hacker’s Playbook™, the world’s largest collection of attack data broken down by methods, tactics and threat actors. Founded in 2014 by experienced CISOs, hackers, and security entrepreneurs, SafeBreach makes it possible for security teams to invest wisely, protect more and mitigate risk.

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