Jan 31, 2023

SafeBreach Launches Threat Intelligence Collective with Leading Partners to Optimize Intelligence and Enable Proactive Security

Industry’s most extensive integration of threat intelligence enables security teams to visualize, predict and prevent new threats in real-time

SUNNYVALE, Calif., January 31, 2023 – SafeBreach, the pioneer in breach and attack simulation (BAS), today launched the Threat Intelligence Collective, a collaboration that enables seamless integration between the SafeBreach BAS platform and leading threat intelligence providers and platforms. Together, SafeBreach and its threat intelligence partners have created a more powerful way for security teams to ingest the latest threat intelligence, validate and visualize their exposure and prioritize remediation actions to prevent a breach.

Threat intelligence is a vital component of an organization’s cybersecurity strategy, offering security teams valuable context about the latest threats, attacks and techniques being used by adversaries. And, there is growing recognition by the cybersecurity community about the value of leveraging this intelligence in a more proactive way, with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently calling for organizations to enact a more automated, continuous approach to threat testing. 

However, security teams often lack the people and processes to operationalize this intelligence quickly and efficiently to understand their exposure and identify what prevention/remediation actions need to be taken. Combining threat intelligence feeds with the SafeBreach platform helps organizations shift to a more proactive approach with the ability to:

  • Gain immediate visibility into their vulnerability and exposure to the latest threats
  • Prioritize and validate the most relevant threats and attack methods for their industry or company
  • Quickly determine and execute appropriate remediation actions
  • Prioritize security operations resources based on the overall exposure gap and attack group/threat to optimize efficacy
  • Proactively communicate risk and exposure to executive management and boards

Under the new Threat Intelligence Collective, the SafeBreach platform offers integration with the following threat intelligence providers: Anomali, AT&T Cybersecurity, CrowdStrike, Google, Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, ThreatConnect, and ThreatQuotient.  

Integration with each of these threat intelligence leaders allows customers to leverage the SafeBreach platform to gain greater visibility into the most relevant and high priority threats. SafeBreach also takes this visibility one step deeper by allowing security teams to create customized attacks that mimic specific threats and leverage threat-specific tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and indicators of compromise (IOCs) imported directly from their preferred intelligence provider. 

“Cyber threats are constantly shifting, and security teams need to adopt a proactive approach in order to best protect their organizations from attack,” said Itzik Kotler, CTO and Co-Founder at SafeBreach. “We believe that partnerships are the most effective way to share expertise and create holistic threat assessments that address the needs of security teams, executive teams and the board. SafeBreach is proud to offer one of the industry’s most diverse partner ecosystems to help bridge every gap and defend our customers’ vital resources.” 

Threat Intelligence Partner Quotes

“Threat intelligence is essential to better inform, triage and prioritize detections to reduce dwell time and time to respond,” said James Brodsky, AVP Security Market Strategies at Splunk. “Our integration with SafeBreach enables proactive defense, preventing breaches by eliminating exposures and vulnerabilities before they are discovered and exploited by adversaries.”

“By marrying our front-line knowledge and intelligence with SafeBreach, our customers can gain continuous insight into their risk posture and take action to eliminate protection gaps across their security infrastructure,” said Matt McCormick, SVP Business and Corporate Development at ThreatQuotient. 

About SafeBreach

Combining the mindset of a CISO and the toolset of a hacker, SafeBreach is the pioneer in breach and attack simulation (BAS) and is the most widely used continuous security validation platform. SafeBreach continuously executes attacks, correlates results to help visualize security gaps, and leverages contextual insights to highlight remediation efforts. With its Hacker’s Playbook™, the industry’s most extensive collection of attack data enabled by state-of-the-art threat intelligence research, SafeBreach empowers organizations to get proactive about security with a simple approach that replaces hope with data.

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