Jun 13, 2023

SafeBreach Security Posture Optimizer Empowers CISOs to Communicate Cyber Resiliency to the Board

High-level visualization and real-time composite security score enables CISOs to easily quantify risk to non-technical stakeholders, connecting security strategy to business impact

Sunnyvale, Calif. – June 13, 2023 – SafeBreach, the pioneer in breach and attack simulation (BAS), today introduced Security Posture Optimizer (SPO), a high-level snapshot and risk score that lets security executives more effectively communicate the efficacy of their security program to the Board and stakeholders. With Security Posture Optimizer, CISOs and their security teams can benchmark and continuously measure their company’s security posture, align their security program with business outcomes, justify security investments by highlighting their return on investment (ROI), and demonstrate resiliency through a composite scoring approach that identifies performance gaps and quantifies exposure across the enterprise.

Gartner states, “by 2026, 70% of boards will include one member with cybersecurity experience.” Although cybersecurity is widely acknowledged by the C-Suite and Board of Directors as a critical business risk, communicating the impact of a company’s security program to non-technical stakeholders remains challenging. Traditional security reporting focuses on the quantity and types of threats identified or prevented. However, non-technical stakeholders are more concerned with the risk that these threats present to the business’s operations. 

According to Sherry Ryan, former Fortune 20 global CISO, “The question I’m most frequently asked by my Board of Directors is ‘How resilient is our business to cyberattack?’ The answer is complicated, as it ultimately depends on the effectiveness of each security tool we use.  The ability to easily communicate my company’s security posture to non-technical stakeholders is invaluable in proving the efficacy of our security program and our alignment with the company’s business goals.” 

SafeBreach’s Security Posture Optimizer (SPO) helps security executives, practitioners, and executive stakeholders measure and understand the impact of their organization’s security program. SPO distills the attack simulation results about security control performance from the SafeBreach platform into a single, easy-to-understand visualization of key metrics such as cloud, applications, and email, allowing CISOs to: 

  • Streamline stakeholder security reporting
  • Build a baseline of the company’s security posture and track it over time
  • Optimize spending based on business risk 
  • Drill down on attack vectors to understand uncovered gaps and improve cyber resilience 
  • Get a prioritized, top-down view of organizational business risk with recommendations for remediation.

According to Guy Bejerano, SafeBreach CEO and Co-Founder, “To gain trust and confidence from the Board, CISOs must convey an enterprise’s resilience in a straightforward way that non-technical stakeholders can comprehend. This no longer only involves demonstrating how the cybersecurity program prevents unwanted incidents, CISOs must also show how their program enhances the enterprise’s capacity to manage risks efficiently. With Security Posture Optimizer, SafeBreach is helping CISOs succeed by offering a concise yet powerful means of communicating their company’s security posture to stakeholders and validating the effectiveness of their security investments.”

Benchmark and Measure your Risk through a Single Score 

Determining resilience requires defining a security baseline. Through a unique scoring methodology based on a weighted summary of aggregated prevention, detection, and alerting results, the SafeBreach Security Posture Optimizer provides digestible data showing high-level risk for key stakeholders and granular risk for technical stakeholders.

The SPO score helps CISOs highlight how far their organizational cyber resiliency has shifted up or down with respect to the initial baseline. Security teams can automatically map score changes to control performance to understand what’s working well and identify areas of improvement, like configuration changes that create security gaps. This type of feedback allows key stakeholders to make intelligent business decisions about risk prioritization and new investments.  

Future releases allow CISOs to measure their cyber resilience and risk scores against their peers in the industry, highlighting their own cyber resilience and quantifying business risk in financial terms. 

To learn more about communicating risk and achieving business and security program alignment, security professionals are invited to attend SafeBreach’s upcoming webinar “Demystifying Your Security Program: Communicating Risk with SafeBreach’s Security Posture Optimizer” on June 14th at 12 pm ET. Register here.

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Combining the mindset of a CISO and the toolset of a hacker, SafeBreach is the pioneer in breach and attack simulation (BAS) and is the most widely used continuous security validation platform. SafeBreach continuously executes attacks, correlates results to help visualize security gaps, and leverages contextual insights to highlight remediation efforts. With its Hacker’s Playbook™, the industry’s most extensive collection of attack data enabled by state-of-the-art threat intelligence research, SafeBreach empowers organizations to get proactive about security with a simple approach that replaces hope with data.

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