Validate Finance: Virtual Edition

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Validate Finance: Virtual Edition is an exclusive invitation-only virtual event that will bring together customers and other security professionals to discuss adapting to the new realities of proactively securing financial services institutions (FSIs).

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Hear how other FSIs overcame barriers with adoption, which strategies and tactics work to ensure a proactive security posture.

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Adapting to the New Realities of Proactively Securing FSIs

Cyberattacks on financial services institutions (FSIs) have been steadily increasing. According to a recent Boston Consulting Group report, FSIs are 300 times more likely to be targeted by cyber attacks, and the costs of those attacks are higher than other sectors. Adversaries are taking advantage of digital transformation and pose a great threat to the global financial system, financial stability, and the integrity of the financial industry.

Join SafeBreach and a team of industry thought leaders for this hands on program designed to help equip security professionals in the financial services industry with the tools, techniques, and foundational principles required to test the efficacy of their security program and gain the most value from breach and attack simulation (BAS).

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11:00 am | Welcome & Keynote – Increasing Attack Surface for FSIs

Welcome & Keynote – Increasing Attack Surface for FSIs

  • Guy Bejerano; CEO & Co-Founder, SafeBreach
  • Tomer Bar, Director of Research, SafeBreach

FSIs often have some of the most comprehensive and mature security controls across all industry sectors, but the rewards are high for criminals who seek to gain direct access to their network and valued customer data. As FSIs update their IT and security technology and programs, managing the growing attack surface will continue to become more complex and dispersed.

In this session, SafeBreach Director of Research Tomer Bar will share how attacks are conducted, which APT group have been the most active, and what risks they pose to FSI’s.

  • Kaustubh Jagtap (KJ), Product Marketing Director, SafeBreach
  • Ohad Bar-Eli, Product Manager, SafeBreach

MITRE ATT&CK is, in both depth and breadth, the most extensive attack knowledge base, providing suggested mitigation techniques, detection procedures, and other relevant technical information. MITRE has expanded the Kill Chain to include a wide variety of tactics that are then supported by specific techniques. This organized approach enables FSIs to select and analyze attacks methodically and compare them to the capabilities of internal security controls to understand the gaps.

During this session, we will show how customers can use the top 16 MITRE TTPs for finance to run real-world attack scenarios to test network security against attack vectors, while providing insights into strengthening overall cyber resiliency.

  • Francisco Najera; Sales Engineering Manager, SafeBreach

FSIs face a myriad of challenges, and the impact has resulted in a 1,318% increase in ransomware attacks in 2021. Given the increasing sophistication of these attacks, there is a growing need for FSI’s to understand their level of risk and to implement a proactive approach to defending themselves. 

During this session we will highlight how to leverage a ransomware assessment to: 

  • Understand the threats facing your organization
  • Identify gaps before threat actors can exploit them
  • Create a baseline to proactively reduce future risk
  • Align stakeholders and prioritize resources
  • Avishai Avivi, CISO, SafeBreach

As FSIs adopt new technologies to increase business efficiencies and drive new business, they are now operating with new applications, devices, and infrastructure. This not only increases their attack surface, but also the level of risk to their company and customers. But, traditional scanning and testing technologies struggle in a multi-cloud world.

This session will discuss how you can cut through the noise and simplify the testing of cloud controls.

  • Michael McKinley, Lead Security Engineer, Raymond James Financial
  • Tony Latteri,  Lead Cyber Threat Engineer, Raymond James Financial
  • Jonathan Tillman, Technical Account Manager, SafeBreach
  • Robin Rainwalker, Technical Account Manager, SafeBreach
  • Michael Tu, Technical Account Manager, SafeBreach
  • Raman Kumar, Chief Customer Officer, SafeBreach


Guy Bejerano


Yotam Ben Ezra
Chief Product Officer


Kaustubh Jagtap (KJ)
Product Marketing Director


Ohad Bar-Eli
Product Manager


Tomer Bar
Director of Research


Avishai Avivi