White Paper

The Skeptic’s Guide to Buying Security Tools

Security spending is on the rise, but does your security posture reflect that? Tool sprawl and skills shortages are growing faster than we can keep up. Each new tool installation, learning process, and operation adds more complexity, creating delays when responding to breaches and ultimately increasing your attack surface. Over time, underutilized tools create waste, and new purchases are scrutinized more closely.

The skeptic’s approach is all about doing more with what you already have. In this guide, we’ll dive deep into the questions you should be asking yourself before you make another purchase, including:

  • Why are you considering this purchase? Can you pinpoint gaps in your current stack? 
  • If you have a problem a new tool claims to solve, is the tool the best way to solve it? If so, can you convince whoever owns the budget? 
  • Should you invest the time and resources? Will it help teams collaborate and be more proactive?
  • Can you demonstrate that investment makes your company safer and more compliant?

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