Jun 14, 2022

SafeBreach Studio – The First No-Code Red-Team Solution

See how our latest product innovation unifies every aspect of attack planning in a single, no-code environment that lets security teams run attacks how they choose.

Your red and purple teams need the ability to run real-world attack scenarios that matter to your organization and provide actionable results. But these cybersecurity exercises can be resource-intensive, expensive, and difficult to operationalize—until now…

As the industry’s first no-code platform created to meet the unique needs of red teams, SafeBreach Studio unifies every aspect of attack planning—from scenario development through execution—in a single environment. Red teamers of all skill levels can create, customize, and run sophisticated attacks with no coding experience necessary, using a simple drag-and-drop interface that enhances efficiency and provides the data you need to drive results.

SafeBreach Studio is available as part of the SafeBreach industry-pioneering breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform—at no additional cost—and will give your security team the power to:

  • Run Attacks When & How You Want
    Easily generate custom attack plans and control every aspect of an attack, including when and how it runs, associated parameters, sequencing steps, and the desired simulators.
  • Analyze Threat Results
    Analyze attack test results to understand simulation details, parameters, and goals—all mapped to MITRE ATT&CK, individual threat groups, specific industries, or NIST control mapping.
  • Drive Your Business Forward
    Customize visualizations to make the results of red-team exercises actionable and enable consistent communication to stakeholders across the organization. Track progress to confidently communicate security posture improvement over time.
Red Team White Paper

Red-Teaming Sophistication, Simplified

With SafeBreach Studio, you can now consistently design attack workflows that replicate real-world behavior and have the freedom to easily scale attacks and change the exercise scope without any constraints. This new offering will empower your security team to automate exercises across the enterprise without the need for specialized expertise to enhance efficiency and reduce implementation costs.

SafeBreach Studio Key Benefits: 

  • Ease of Use – A simple drag-and-drop interface can be used to design attack workflows or modify attacks, so you do not need the expertise to code advanced attacker tactics or have a deep knowledge of every attack method. 
  • Unlimited Customization – Using a realistic visual programming language, every aspect of the attack can be customized, enabling your team to perform threat modeling, execute full kill-chain scenario testing, and simulate threat workflows to replicate real-life scenarios.
  • Greater Scalability SafeBreach Studio allows you to create and execute custom attacks in a consistent, repeatable way that minimizes the need for constant human intervention, providing a clear path to track overall progress and impact of red-team exercises. 
  • Streamlined Integrations SafeBreach Studio can be easily integrated with threat intelligence feeds and other research, and the flexible API allows you to integrate within your existing workflows, enabling you to test organizational security controls in a fully automated manner.
  • Minimized Investment Because SafeBreach Studio provides the necessary attack expertise and execution, there is no need to hire experts or add additional infrastructure to run your red-team exercises.
  • Enhanced Collaboration SafeBreach Studio provides the ability to perform both complex red teaming activities and remedial blue teaming capabilities within the SafeBreach platform, helping bridge the gap between typically siloed security teams to improve communication.

SafeBreach Studio Demo Webinar

To learn more about SafeBreach Studio, join our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT for a live demonstration of this new platform enhancement and its industry-first capabilities in action. If you can’t attend the webinar, be sure to register anyway, and you’ll receive a recording following the broadcast.

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